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Track Name: Insight
"Open minded self, a new vision, renewed vitality.
Wading through the haze, accepting the fate of man.

Open minded self, I've seen it, but I know it.
Wading through the haze, accepting the fate of man."
Track Name: Our Thoughts Manifest This World
"We are following so blindly
We choose to ignore the fate. We've been given
But there is hope once you open mind
And find the power to pull from this filthy wretched place
We're fading away, with every thought that we make

For all those empty feelings, left inside us
There is hope for those who choose to Follow Follow
Follow every misguided trace, from those who came before us
There is hope in the past that once set us free on our path

(Perfection seems to be most tangible
When every collective thought aligns)

connective process is always a guarunteed design

(our actions, the cause of all of the progress made)

yet we are still so far behind.


For I once made the same changes
The hope to set the blind free
I just want you to come home
I'm still lonely
I want to make my presence know

I see this light in the dark
The one that leads us home through the dark of days
If only there was a way to bring that the first of ideas
This world's protection has seen the end of our days"
Track Name: Seasons (ft. Daniel Ädel)
Where do I go from here?
All these signs that point me to places I never imagined.
With every step I take, I fall farther from the start
Creating a floor for my faults.
I find a door for my thoughts, the ground surrounding me
I find a door for my thoughts, my mind displacing me.
I sleep. I'm spinning.
My mind displaced, awake, awaken me.

All directions lost
I'm turning my views inside out
As I watch the seasons pass
I know for certain that Im still here
Still I fear to face these flaws
Because they are inside my walls
It was hard enough to ask for help
Now take your time and answer me.

Gripping my sheets
I wander aimlessly, around my desperation
an able body, handicapped by sleep.

I am without help
My abled body is nothing more than an empty vessel

Im left with my mind, as my hope of salvation.

This plagues me everytime I close my eyes, I feel this longing ache for safety

This plagues me everytime I close my eyes, I feel this longing ache for safety"
Track Name: Ariadne
We are all marching forward
Our forces pressing through a new age
No fear in our minds, movement can not be denied.

We will never ask you to remember the fact
That many of us will not continue
A very present memory of you efforts, shall be the very driving force that leads us into hope.

The valid memory of your efforts will not be forgotten
If there was a chance of redemption we would find it. A chance at failure will not erase this golden loss
This destination was lost, so find composure.

I read through the pages, I read through back and forth for so long, and I have figured out, that I can never be what you need me to be, I'm lead to believe I've become something worth while, something more than what I am, I've become what you never thought I could be, someone to carry more than whats handed to me, I'm not anything special, but I am more than you.

Find your own source of hope, move your feet, with the chance, of reliving.

The lone are all waiting so love your own release.
Track Name: Providence
"Welcome into this realm of humanity where everything's not as pleasant as it seems, this machine feeds off the dreams, of the unrelenting, endless suffering, with every word you say I'm barely holding on, losing sight of my judgement, but not for long. Look back on all the things you said to me, don't forget you're the one who taught me how to be.

I never wanted to see you this way, with all the grace I had, you left me on my own, now all that's left is my dignity, be as selfish as you want but you will never escape. Death comes to us all in the end, you are not immortal you will face, crawling away, pick yourself up and be done with this place. Face me now.

I want these images, I will not lie to their face, unchanging tides, look in my eyes, now pick yourself up. Unrelenting forces, fucked.

What I figured out today, that I can't even begin, to explain how it feels to be blamed. Well tomorrow's a new day, and never again will I trust my own way out.

I'm traveling through time, face all your fears, you will not escape, things are meant to change. Make your moves, brought last. Make your move, cherish life til death, no one will pick up the pieces left by you to damn. your time is not made for you, but slowly fades away. Just one sort in this life. Misguided yourself then. Now in need of change. It's time to change."
Track Name: Atlantis
"No correction, I'm done with all of this obsession, makes me why I'm in my ways, wait believe me, I'm stick with all of this loss, I'm bound by this habit. I am not fit to carry these weights, with every plant and grain of salt. Let live and say goodbye to all the sights you see, do you see? Bound by habit, Yet the air you breathe has become a beast among lions.

Death by arrows, left for sparrows, no time to regurgitate the beginning of your end.

I'm not the one who's gonna break you out, I'm never gonna be the doubt that breaks you down. Find your own way out, I'm no the one who's gonna break you out, find your own way out."